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{"sourceLanguage": "en", "priorityLanguages": "[\"fr\"]", "display_name": "Test Video", "subtitle-1540-4090-1": "oh I don't know why but I've always", "subtitle-4090-9280-2": "loved the idea of summer and Sun and all", "subtitle-9280-12340-3": "things hot really I'm guessing you don't", "subtitle-12340-15940-4": "have much experience with heat nope but", "subtitle-15940-18420-5": "sometimes I like to close my eyes and", "subtitle-18420-20679-6": "imagine what it'd be like when summer", "subtitle-20679-21790-7": "does come", "subtitle-21790-24509-8": "[Music]", "subtitle-24509-27970-9": "bees the buzz kids'll blow dandelion", "subtitle-27970-31749-10": "fuzz I'll be doing whatever snow does in", "subtitle-31749-38860-11": "summer drink in my hand my snow up", "subtitle-38860-40629-12": "against the burning sand probably", "subtitle-40629-51789-13": "getting gorgeously tanned in some water", "subtitle-51789-58000-14": "when it gets and I can't wait to see", "subtitle-58000-60210-15": "what my buddies all", "subtitle-60210-66920-16": "just imagine how much cooler I'll be dad", "subtitle-66920-69560-17": "[Music]", "subtitle-69560-72540-18": "the cold are both so intense putting", "subtitle-72540-80850-19": "together good time to stay in and cuddle", "subtitle-80850-84630-20": "but put me in summer and I'll be happy", "subtitle-84630-92640-21": "snowman relaxing in the Summer Sun just", "subtitle-92640-98610-22": "letting off steam oh the sky will be", "subtitle-98610-103040-23": "blue and you guys'll be there too", "subtitle-103040-106290-24": "when I finally do what frozen things do", "subtitle-106290-110820-25": "in summer I'm gonna tell him don't you", "subtitle-110820-111550-26": "dare", "subtitle-111550-121119-27": "[Music]"}