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Registrations to this instance are closed. Contact the Language Engineering Team if you need access to this instance.

You can read more about the Language Engineering Team here.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

General disclaimer

Warning: Do not use the Cloud Services Project (this site) if you do not agree to the following: information shared with the Cloud Services Project, including usernames and passwords, will be made available to volunteer administrators and may not be treated confidentially.

Volunteers may have full access to the systems hosting the projects, allowing them access to any data or other information you submit.

As a result, use of your real Wikimedia credentials is highly discouraged in projects. You should use a different password for your account than you would on projects like Wikipedia, Commons, etc.

By creating an account in this project and/or using other Wikimedia Cloud Services Services, you agree that the volunteer administrators of this project will have access to any data you submit.

Since access to this information by volunteers is fundamental to the operation of Cloud Services, these terms regarding use of your data expressly override the Wikimedia Foundation's Privacy Policy as it relates to the use and access of your personal information.

Warning: this is not a live Wikimedia Foundation project.

This site is used only for testing and development purposes. This site is not covered by the Wikimedia Foundation’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Do not disclose personal information on this site and do not use this site to post any illegal or harmful content.

For more information on this test environment, see Wikimedia Cloud Services.